Engage your patients today over text. No app download required.

Two Way Texting

With Remassis, HIPPA compliant patient communications are delivered right to the patient’s phone by SMS text message or encrypted message link. No need to download an app. Increase patient retention and favorable online reviews through personal, efficient, text communication.

Automated Nudges and Notifications

Save staff time and energy by automating your most common workflows like appointment scheduling, prescription refills and patient referrals. Automatically collect patient responses while you focus on delivering the highest quality care.

Telehealth & Video visits

Bring easy telehealth access to patients. No portal logins, no passwords to remember, and no app to download. Immediately launch a video visit right from a text link on mobile or computer. Empower your team to provide better patient communication and more efficient care.

Send Forms, Surveys, and Files Through Text Message

Go paperless and deliver an incredible experience with electronic forms that patients can fill out right from their phone. Send patient education, insurance cards, pictures or links in seconds. Our HIPAA compliant texting platform ensures your messages will be sent securely.

Reputation Management & Feedback Collection

A great review by a patient is a great testimony of your care and great work. Remassis gamifies the practice with low touch HIPAA compliant text messaging and assures you a higher rate of feedback collection.

Integrate with standard and custom EHR and EMRs

Now you can save all your patient conversations directly into the patient chart in your EHR so you can reference a longitudinal record of patient communication between visits.

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