Privacy Policy

1. Personal information of users will not be publically available and can be accessed only by users who are approved to view the information. Personal information includes:
✓ Passwords
✓ Health condition and list of ailments, vital parameters or symptoms
✓ All financial information
✓ Medical records and history
✓ Any other information that the user does not wish to share with others
2. Traffic data may be captured for statistical reasons but will not be available publically for viewing. Traffic data includes:
✓ IP addresses
✓ Domain servers
✓ Browsers and operating systems
✓ Type of device used (mobile, PC etc.)
✓ Referring source which directed the user to
3. Information on appointment booking and reason for the booking will not be available publically and can be viewed by only those users who have explicit approval.
4. Medical records of a patient (prescriptions, prognosis, recommended tests, test results etc.) shared on will be available only to that patient and any other user that the patient wishes to share the records with.
5. Any data that will be used for analytics and reporting will be from the overall pool of data across all users. Individual user’s data will not be used or displayed for analytics or reporting, unless the user has specifically approved such use.
6. uses cookies to remember a user’s preference thereby simplifying and enhancing the user experience during subsequent visits to the website. The user has the option of turning off the use of cookies by adjusting the browser settings. The key functionalities remain intact even if the cookie use has been disabled.
7. All user information shall be handled as per the above policy, except situations arising out of extra-ordinary circumstances. Extra-ordinary circumstances may include:
✓ Compliance with a court order or any legal process
✓ Upholding the rights, property or safety of any party
✓ Non-compliance with the terms of use of or a third party