• Do my patients need to download an app

    No. In fact, Remassis allows your practice to send and receive text messages to any patient directly from your computer or app which you can download from playstore/app store with our paid plan.

  • What if I don’t want patients to communicate with me directly?

    No problem. Patient communication on Remassis was designed with the flexibility to allow for each provider to use it in the way they’d like. So that means you can set Remassis up to allow patient texts to go to your office staff, or if you’d like, you can receive them directly.

  • Can I text colleagues in my practice?

    Yes. Remassis platform is designed to enable collaboration between the colleagues in a practice. Schedule a demo with us to know more.

  • Can I send appointment reminder text messages to patients?

    Yes, with Remassis the reminders and the texts related to PHI can be texted securely. These are autamatically generated nudges whioch saves your staffs' time.

  • Can I text with doctors outside my practice?

    Yes. In-fact you dont have to send it yourself. The platform enables as part of automatic nudges and text messages. And the best part is patients dont need to download an app.

  • What is HIPAA compliant texting?

    HIPAA Compliant Texting” is a secure means of transmitting protected health information (PHI) by text message. Consequently, there are a number of technical safeguards and procedural requirements that both a vendor (e.g. Remassis), and a covered entity (e.g. a medical practice) must adhere to. HIPAA compliant texting allows for streamlining of physician, care team, and clinical communication which leads to improved operational efficiencies and a higher standard of patient care.

  • Can I use Remassis on my computer?

    Yes. In fact, Remassis can be used by physicians, other healthcare providers and their teams on any web browser along with our iOS and Android apps. Patients can access Remassis from the mobile apps, or by responding to an encrypted message from a practice on their mobile device.

  • Will patients see my cell phone number?

    No patients will never see your phone numner or email on the platform.

  • Do I need to respond to messages after hours?

    No. Remassis is an AI enabled texting platform, which means your patients can still engage with your practice even during the off hours. While on scheduled time, the staffs can text on the same channel.

  • Can I send SMS messages to patients?

    Yes. Remassis allows you and your practice staff to securely text any of your patients regardless of whether they have the Remassis app or not. And you can send these secure messages from the Remassis platform on your mobile device or directly from your computer.

  • Can Remassis be used for physician to physician texting?

    Yes. The physicians can text each other on the platform. One physician can also text any other physicians available on platform.